Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I upload my photo? 

Photos up to 10GB can be uploaded under any Filter Collection products with can be found on the top menu. There is an UPLOAD PHOTO button that allows you to upload your images next to each product. You must select a filter to upload a photo.

Why are some filters free and others are not? 

Filter prices are based on the complexity of the design. Designs that are much simpler to create are available for free while premium filters cost a small price to produce. 

When will my photos come back?

Our deadline to receive your photos back is 1-3 business days via email.

What if I don't like my images after they are given back to me?

We would love to work with you on correcting your image and fixing any issues to your satisfaction. We want every customer to be happy and enjoy every memory you create with GameshotUSA. However, if it is still not to your satisfaction, we can issue a full refund for your purchase. 

Cant get your photos to look quite right? 

GameShotUSA photographers and staff will do location visits based on a first come, first serve basis.  Send us your request at and we will arrange the dates if we have availability.

Where can I buy my products? 

Products are not available for purchase until after your proofs have been processed but when you receive your proof, a link to purchase your products will be available. The types of products you can purchase can be found here.